Resources for Practices Implementing PDST

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Implementation Toolkit
An online tutorial featuring self-paced learning, quizzes, and certificate of completion to increase knowledge around shared decision making for health professionals.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s SHARE Approach
Tools, accredited webinars, and in-person workshops developed by AHRQ to promote shared decision making and patient-centered outcomes research. Includes provider trainings on communication and implementation of tools to facilitate shared decision making.

Informed Medical Decisions Foundation
The research and advocacy branch of Healthwise provides links to webinars, powerpoints, and training sessions for providers and clinics interested in implementing PDSTs.

Dartmouth Hitchcock Center for Shared Decision Making
Researchers at Dartmouth developed Decision Support Toolkits for Primary Care and Specialty Care with training modules aimed to increase clinical skills in decision support. Each toolkit includes resources on assessment, implementation and quality monitoring.

Oregon Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN)
An online toolkit on the integration of patient decision aids into primary care practice.

Decision Making Programs for Healthcare Professionals
A worldwide inventory of programs training health care professionals in shared decision making. Includes contact information on program developers.

The Health Foundation’s Making Good Decisions in Collaboration (MAGIC) Program
A narrative review of shared decision making implementation efforts in the United Kingdom with advice relevant to any clinic seeking to implement decision support tools.

National Health Service (NHS)
A guide for clinicians to support the use of brief decision aids and increase use of choice and options communication skills for shared decision making.

Harvard’s Health Decision Sciences Center
Engaged in research into implementation, improving shared decision making conversations, and measuring decision quality.




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