PDST Best Practice Checklist

Clinic Level

Health Plan Level

  PROMOTE decision support tools that address common, preference-sensitive decisions.
  CREATE a plan to identify patients who should be offered decision support tools.
  ENGAGE patients and health care providers in selecting the preference-sensitive decisions for which decision support tools may be promoted.
  CLARIFY the roles of various clinic staff as they relate to the provision, discussion, and follow-up of decision support tools.
  DETERMINE whether freely available decision aids exist for the topic of interest.
  IDENTIFY community partners to help promote and encourage the use of decision support tools.
  APPLY the International Patient Decision Aid Standards instrument (IPDASi) to assess the quality of an existing decision tool.
  ASSESS the effects of using decision support tools on patient knowledge and satisfaction using validated instruments.
  CONSIDER whether the use of decision support tools should be encouraged through mechanisms like benefit design, reimbursement, or quality measurement.
  PLAN for regular quality improvement cycles to ensure optimal use of decision support tools and incorporation into clinic workflows.
  ASSESS barriers to adoption of decision support tools among clinicians and patients.
  DEVELOP a plan to periodically reassess endorsed decision support tools for quality and accuracy.
  COLLABORATE with participating employers to encourage the use of decision support tools among their employees.
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